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Sports administration business focused on reducing the gap of badminton lovers, badminton communities and its stakeholders around the world. We provide consultation, badminton coaching both on and off court and administrative assistance to clients . Our aim is for clients to achieve their goals effortlessly and efficiently, because 'Together, We Thrive'!

Together, We Thrive!



Your goal is our priority. Together, We Thrive!

Administrative Support

We provide administrative support for badminton teams; continental confederations, national federations, clubs, academies,  players, coaches, etc.

Training Camps

We organize elite, grassroot level and social badminton training camps around the world based on your needs.


We allocate sponsorship deals, increase brand exposure and connect badminton stakeholders.

Consulting & coaching

We consult clients in employment, badminton development, high performance, players' well-being on and off court plus private badminton trainings.

Sports Products

We cater different sports products for the badminton community.

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More about the founder

’Tania Teoh’ was created by the founder herself, Tania Teoh. Based in Denmark, Tania Teoh was an ex-Malaysia national badminton player, who has been involved in badminton on and off court since she was seven years old.


With her sports administration experience working with the Badminton World Federation, International Olympic Committee, Badminton Europe Confederation and Nike to name a few, she is inspired to assist clients in and around the sports community, primarily in badminton. 


Having lived in 4 countries, Tania Teoh knows the secret to adapting and integrating into new environments.  Her experience working in multi-cultural environments enable her to understand her clients' needs swiftly. Her huge global network is her strength and the polyglot’s aim is for everyone to thrive in their primary roles.

With our administration services, we are confident that coaches and players can now have more time on court focusing on what they do best, coach and play. Aspiring individuals and organizations will be able to close deals sooner and achieve their goals more efficiently.

Tania Teoh holds several badminton coach education certificates from Badminton World Federation and Badminton Europe Confederation. With her experience as an ex-professional player, combined with her global coaching experience, Tania Teoh is here to share her knowledge with motivated players and coaches.


‘Tania Teoh’ is here to bridge the gap and find the best solution for everyone. Reach out and join Tania's tribe because Together, We Thrive!

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“Everyone agrees that badminton is a social sport and, unlike other racket sports like tennis or squash, players rapidly feel like members of a team.
Working with Tania Teoh is like playing badminton: it’s an enthusiastic experience, a key strength and the joy of team playing.
Having Tania Teoh as a partner offers a lot of benefits: leadership, management, work experience, expertise and knowledge in a relation of trust, honest flow of communication and the sense of belonging in a friendly and professional working environment.”

Patricia Rosa
General Secretary, Federação Portuguesa de Badminton, 


Let’s Thrive Together

Vibevej 2,

2670 Greve,


Tel: +45 31 41 27 57

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Dear badminton lover, Thank you for your submission and welcome to Tania's tribe. You will hear from us soon and we look forward to working with you because ' Together, We Thrive'! Best regards,Tania Teoh


Together, We Thrive! #taniastribe

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